Andre Yabin


Philadelphia born Yabin has over 15 years of experience creating breath-taking catwalk couture, stunning bridal gowns and show-stopping cocktail dresses. A well established and much loved African American designer, Yabin has shown couture collections at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and won the FGI Dallas Rising Star award in 2016. His couture creations have been featured in the popular television shows Dallas Housewives and WAG Miami, further establishing Yabin himself as a truly modern couturier, but wanted to create something more accessible to a larger demographic of women.  

The latest Yabin journey began in 2020 at the height of the global pandemic. The brand’s founder responded to the growing social and political divisions across the globe and was inspired to create the LOVE Shirt Dress and his eponymous brand. Channelling and communicating positive energy, the YABIN brand is for the modern woman who wants to leave a positive impact. This latest collaboration and charitable fundraiser are a reflection of the values and spirit at the heart of the YABIN brand. The LOVE Shirt dress is the first ready to wear from Yabin’s label. Yabin promises to return to couture, but wanted to expand his reach to a larger audience for the time being. "I wanted to build a brand that was not couture. I wanted something that's more accessible to a larger demographic of women."

Yabin designs from the heart and believes that by being consciously sensitive to the world around him and the states with him, he can manifest beautiful designs that have a positive emotional impact on the wearer. By using the art of enquiry, Yabin develops his ideas over a long period, carefully tuning into moments of inspiration and asking himself what these moments are trying to communicate. This artistic process allows for a myriad of subtle inspirations to coalesce into a single perfectly formed vision.

The designer has responded to the growing social and political divisions across the globe and created the LOVE Shirt Dress. This exquisitely made piece is the first design from Yabin’s newly founded label. Taking inspiration from classic femininity, his experiences and his surroundings, Yabin sought to manifest a response that could transform the emotional state of the wearer, and those they encounter.

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