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The LOVE Shirt Dress Fits any lifestyle

Coy Modesty

Be cute AND dangerous. The Love Shirt Dress can imply a coy modesty when tied up at the neck with its delicate velour bow, but dare to bare your legs and write your own story.

Cinched Waist

Love the skin you’re in and adore the Love Shirt Dress. Wear yours open at the décolletage, cinched at the waist, with your gorgeous legs out on show for the world to see.

Are You Conservative?

No worries. The Love Shirt Dress takes the chic relaxed boyfriend shirt aesthetic to the next level. Style yours by pairing it with skinny blue jeans, your statement heels and a cute matching purse.

Head To The Beach

Wear your Love Shirt Dress like a breezy lightweight summer jacket over your favorite bikini. Roll up the sleeves, put on your favorite Ray-bans head to the beach and sink your feet into the golden sand.

Friday Happy Hour

The oversize Love Shirt Dress has a classic sculptural hemline making it perfect worn on its own with your bare legs, with the word LOVE boldly on the back. This classic romantic silhouette looks chic when paired with a killer pair of heels for a perfect Friday Happy Hour. 

Do The Unexpected

Give them princess of the board vibes by pairing your beloved Love Shirt Dress with a pink willowy floor length tulle skirt. Finish the look with a wide belt cinched at the waist. Your options to style the LOVE Shirt Dress are limitless.

Wear With A Bow

Contrast textures and give yourself over to tactile pleasures. Play with the tailored structure of the Love Shirt Dress by contrasting its clean pressed lines with its delicate, dainty velour bow.

Pop The Collar

Nothing looks better than an oversize Love Shirt Dress with the collar popped and first few buttons unbuttoned. Show off your styling creativity.

Wear With A Friend

How do you wear yours? Maybe you want to style yours together with a friend, sister, co-worker and head out for a girls night out of the town, with the mission to spread some much needed LOVE X2!



Designer Andre Yabin debuts his latest design, the LOVE Shirt Dress to celebrate the imminent launch of his eponymous brand.

Meet Andre Yabin


The LOVE Shirt Dress is an elegant and versatile piece of contemporary fashion for the modern woman who wears her heart on her sleeve (literally).




Blog posts

I tried my dress on this morning. It's wonderful, and I plan to take a picture and post it all over the place. The packaging is unbelievable!

Terry Bently Hill

OMG I just received my dress! The dress the packaging, the whole experience is so beautiful. I feel very happy! Thank you, YABIN

Claudia Hightower

I just love my LOVE Shirt Dress. I love the way it moves with me when I walk and it compliments my body. I'm looking forward to seeing what is next from the talented YABIN.

LaVena Pogue